Before contacting Extech Cloud, an international city law firm were dissatisfied with their incumbent IT service provider. Their existing infrastructure and devices had poor configurations, which led to information security exposures and impacted productivity. Those responsible for the IT faced frequent complaints due to repeated problems, and the service levels of fixing issues at the root cause. It ultimately left the firm with a lack of confidence and conviction in their IT and general frustration due to a lack of trust. Furthermore, unfavourable contract clauses meant that the client faced ‘lock-in’ challenges.

As a result, the firm engaged Extech Cloud to provide consultancy for some months to help manage the incumbent IT supplier while offering a trusted and knowledgeable voice. We conducted a full audit of their IT, provided recommendations and led the supplier to provide improvements in the infrastructure, security and quality of services.

Once the contract with the incumbent supplier finished, Extech Cloud ceased consultancy and engaged in a formal bid process, which Extech Cloud won.

We immediately embarked on a stability program which involved upgrading the workplace technology and network infrastructure. Once the firm’s IT was stable, we begun the firm on a digital transformation journey, migrated their systems to Office 365 and increased information security to best practice levels. All the hardware was swapped out and handed back to the incumbent provider.

The process had a significant business impact, including:


“Since we began working with Extech Cloud, our firm’s IT is now more secure, stable and fit-for-purpose. As a leading law firm, we required our technology to be state-of-the-art to enable growth and meet business objectives. Extech Cloud implemented a progressive, long-term IT strategy to ensure our systems are ready for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. The new solutions provide a modern infrastructure we can trust and alleviates stress. IT is now a positive conversation in the firm and a topic that evokes excitement.

Extech Cloud’s approach to Humanise IT means we have best-in-class IT and technology solutions we understand and trust at a business level. As a law firm, Extech Cloud understands the nuances and specific challenges we face in the legal sector, and go above and beyond in providing exceptional professional service.”

Through Extech Cloud’s engagement, the law firm now has IT systems which meet their business needs and have a trusted provider. The attitude to IT has changed from frustration to that of progress with a positive desire to deliver more value from the IT they have. This law firm’s IT has now moved away from tactical survival talks to strategic discussions and a progressive mindset in how the firm can modernise further to deliver a better service to their clients.

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