Extech Cloud has been working with Petroplan, a global recruitment solutions partner, since 2018 to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

The company, which specialise in the oil, gas and energy sectors, had lost two of its three IT team members and needed strategic advice as well as immediate engineering and support assistance. In addition, Petroplan’s contract for its hosted environment, already costly, was set to increase dramatically along with a lengthy contract extension. This effectively provided a solid end date requirement for an alternative solution.

Should you buy new servers or move to the cloud?

Petroplan’s journey to the cloud

Extech Cloud first started to address day to day issues and to stabilise, as far as possible, the existing platform in use at Petroplan. In parallel, a migration plan was devised to transition from the hosted platform to cloud services, starting with the move of business applications (such as new recruitment and operations software) from the “locked-in” hosted environment to cloud versions and alternative cloud products.

“Migrating to the cloud had a huge impact on the performance and productivity of teams in London, Guildford, Houston, Calgary, Cape Town, Muscat and Dubai”, says Alex Roberts, IT Manager at Petroplan. “Our digital transformation with Extech Cloud has significantly reduced costs and given us a robust global IT infrastructure we can rely on”.

A modern workplace with Office 365

With application roadmaps in place, Extech Cloud focussed on moving the remaining business functions to Office 365, developing a cloud infrastructure that provides security, compliance, and device and user management within Microsoft Intune. At the same time, documents and content were moved into Microsoft SharePoint.

Petroplan adopted Microsoft’s modern workplace concept and new devices were introduced internationally using the latest deployment and build tools from Microsoft (Autopilot).

Cost-savings with the cloud

The solution was delivered on time with great success from an operational point of view. Financially, the move also made significant running cost-savings when comparing the hosting platform services with the cloud.

Help with moving your operations to the cloud

Extech Cloud has spent years working on, and refining, the journey to the cloud, making it a simple and smooth transition for recruitment businesses, like Petroplan, to work effectively at anytime, anywhere.

To date, we have successfully completed hundreds of cloud transformation projects, saving our customers thousands of pounds, improving their overall performance, and making their staff happier as a result.

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