Digital Transformation.

As the South’s leading digital transformers, Extech Cloud empowers every person within an organisation to accomplish more. We help businesses grow faster, keep the best staff and optimise efficiency, creating a modern workplace.

Digital transformation is the process of moving a business’ working practices to the cloud and going paperless. It enables remote, flexible, and easy collaboration and reduces capital expenditure and the need for user-owned IT hardware.

Users pay a monthly subscription fee for the cloud-based service with pay-as-you-use options to quickly scale or grow. This is an OPEX model rather than a traditional CAPEX model.

At Extech Cloud, our digital transformation solutions integrate seamlessly with platforms such a Microsoft 365 and Azure, resulting in smarter and economical ways of working, delivering IT as a business utility. Talk to us about transforming your business.

The Cloud.

Secure. Accessible. Collaboration.

Digital transformation and cloud subscription services bring together the best tools for the way people work using Microsoft 365 and Azure. By combining industry leading apps with robust cloud services, the Microsoft Cloud lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device. Find out more.

Office 365 and Azure
Microsoft Cloud Gold

Rock-solid Cybersecurity through Microsoft Cloud.

Not only does the Microsoft cloud offer better cybersecurity, but also provides increased visibility and accessibility for your teams, inside and out of the office.

Specific data prevention policies, such as SRA or FCA, help your business comply with GDPR, PCI, or industry-specific regulations.

The Microsoft Cloud allows you to monitor and report on your organisation’s activities to ensure that your data is secure and compliant.

Ready to secure your business.  Contact us now.

digital transformation - mobile working

Collaborate, Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device.

Remote and flexible working is here to stay. Extech Cloud creates a Modern Workplace that increases agility and workforce mobility – your staff can use any device, from anywhere. Your team will be able to retrieve “network” documents securely and attend online meetings anywhere in the world from their mobile device.

Digital collaborations bring employees closer together. Co-authoring of documents and virtual meetings means your employees can work collectively without the need for travel. Perfect for a business wishing to work flexibly in the 21st Century.

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Our Digital Transformation Bundle.

Move your business ahead with the latest Office, fully installed, plus integrated collaboration services and the full suite of innovative Microsoft Office products.

ISO27001 compliant, cutting-edge security practices with five layers of security, proactive monitoring, advanced threat protection and automatic updates Windows updates.

Securely manage devices from a single, unified mobile solution. Remote device management, data compliance and reporting, as well as autopilot deployment services.

Get the most out of Office 365 and your employees with the Cloud Academy 365 e-learning platform, with over 1,700-minute-long training videos on how to use the latest productivity applications within Office 365.

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