Secure and fast file storage and sharing.

Extech Cloud provides the optimal file storage and sharing solutions that deliver short, medium and long-term benefits in the cloud.

We work with you to understand what your business needs and set everything up seamlessly in the Microsoft Cloud with minimal disruption. You will be able to ditch your onsite server and/or move away from a private datacentre or hybrid approach.

Microsoft 365 securely manages files in the cloud, whatever file type they are.

So whether you are working with Word or Excel files, photos or design files, or anything in between, cloud storage will help deliver files securely and quickly to workers wherever they are working.

What’s more, you can improve collaboration between team members and speed up your operations faster than if you were sat next to each other in the office. If you want to talk about your needs, just call us on 01444 443200.

Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is compatible with an assortment of office applications and software including SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Office apps and Yammer.

The cloud-based collaboration extends the power of SharePoint and OneDrive to Teams, giving users the ability to access files stored in any location. It allows creating, managing and sharing resources, data and files effortlessly.


Sharepoint or Onedrive?

The online file storage platform OneDrive helps users store and access files via the cloud. Its complementary partner, SharePoint is a similar tool however it allows multiple users to work on documents at the same time.

Both options provide exceedingly secure and compliant document storage that can be easily integrated with Microsoft Teams. This customisation option makes sure we can tailor the solution to meet your business needs comprehensively.

As specialist Microsoft SharePoint Consultants, Extech Cloud helps define the best solutions for your business. If you need help, call us for an initial chat on 01444 443200.

File migration from your existing servers.

If you have an onsite server (your network), we can easily migrate your entire document library over to SharePoint (or your chosen solution) with rock solid security.

We then provide collaborative and bespoke training that is specific to your new system to maximise productivity for your team.

From then on, all files will be accessible directly from the cloud, rather than through VPN or any costly virtual desktops. It is fast and means that any worker wherever they are will experience the same fast access to files.

We can also migrate all emails and email boxes to 365 to give a better and more secure email experience.

Find out more about our methodology.


What is Microsoft Azure?

If you’ve heard of Microsoft Azure, then you’ll know it is the Microsoft environment that everything sits on (infrastructure and application services).  It powers basic computer networking and storage (Sharepoint etc..), to mobile and web app services and even Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. It’s backed up too, so that’s disaster recovery easily taken care of.

With pioneering use of this technology, Extech Cloud can enable ANY business application to work in the cloud. So if your old accounts software is running on your on-prem server and there isn’t a cloud solution you can move to, we can get it running in the cloud.

And it has top level security, although you need a Microsoft Gold Partner like Extech Cloud to make sure that the security is set up correctly for your organisation. Read more about security here.

Our Network Services Bundle.

Extech liaises with quality network carriers and specialist network providers to ensure the connectivity links that your business relies on are high performing, cost effective and professionally supported

For more complex networking requirements, Extech works with a number of providers to deliver bespoke private virtual networks that work for your business. We deliver managed networks using MPLS/VPLS with centralised breakout and enhanced security services.

Protect your network, web, applications and users from unauthorised access and intrusion, without compromising productivity and performance, with our robust advanced firewall and UTM solutions.

Extech is experienced in designing and implementing switching infrastructures for simple LAN network requirements up to complex switching infrastructures for large building or campus environments. We ensure that LAN designs are secure, support all your networking needs and deliver end to end performance.

Azure ExpressRoute creates private connections between Azure datacentres and infrastructure on your premises or in a colocation environment. ExpressRoute connections don’t go over the public Internet, and they offer more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical Internet connections.

Extech diagnose the threat levels to your business, manage threat levels proactively using Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spam software and Unified Threat Management programmes to ensure that you are always fully protected.

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