5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Working from Extech Cloud

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5 Tips for Successful Hybrid Working from Extech Cloud


The workplace has been evolving for years, particularly with the development of Cloud IT Systems, yet many businesses were not ready for remote working when Covid19 hit. Now, the trend is shifting permanently to hybrid working (working from home and the office), and businesses need to adopt a new way of working. If you’re considering making hybrid working permanent in your business, or are already in the process of implementing it, here are 5 tips from  Extech Cloud.

  1. Make it easy for colleagues to collaborate

One important point to remember is that people should always be the central focus of your business that means employees as well as clients. Hybrid working means that employees can be based in several different locations, and everyone needs to be able to easily access all documents and files, make calls, and collaborate on and update shared documents.

This is where Cloud Storage comes in. Though it may sound new or unfamiliar, you and many of your employees are probably already using Cloud storage for personal files such as music and photos, and the transformation to working in the Cloud won’t feel much different to the traditional way of working. When you transform your business completely to the Cloud, you can ensure that everybody has access to the files they need in order to do their jobs effectively, and collaborate easily with colleagues and clients.

  1. Keep your employees engaged

Having some of your people in the office and some at home, or elsewhere, can breed a feeling of being disconnected, particularly if you were a social team pre-covid. It is important for everyone to feel included and supported through regular team calls and messaging. And while Zoom fatigue set in amongst many during the lockdowns, the occasional online social event could be another way to maintain that team spirit.

  1. Step up your cybersecurity

When remote working became mandatory during lockdown, most of us assumed it was a temporary, short term arrangement so security measures that would usually be a high priority in the office, were overlooked in many cases. That, coupled with the fact that many people are far more relaxed about internet security at home than at work, heightens the cybersecurity risk for your business. Cloud IT Systems tend to rely on more robust cybersecurity measures, continually developing to keep a step ahead of ever-evolving cybercrime methods.

  1. Futureproof your business

As mentioned, this change to the way we all work is looking to be permanent and with the advent of Windows 365 this year, it is only a matter of time before all business is conducted in the Cloud. Migrating fully to the cloud now, is one way of futureproofing your business and setting up a dependable and reliable IT system, ahead of your competitors.

  1. Choose the right IT provider

In this everchanging industry, with rapidly evolving technology, who can you trust to migrate your business to the Cloud? Some IT providers don’t keep as up to speed as they should, so it’s important to choose one with up-to-date knowledge and expertise.Is the business ISO27001 accredited for Information Security Management? Will they carry out a feasibility study to discover the best solution? Find a company that has the capability and expertise to digitally transform your business, heighten your cybersecurity, and provide day-to-day support.

It is wise to consider getting a second opinion about what is possible, as some IT providers are clinging onto the old ways of working because it is seen to be more profitable for them. Afterall, you would explore the market before making a significant purchase at home, so why should it be any different at work?

How does Extech Cloud assist workplaces in transforming to hybrid working?

In a recent podcast, Simon Gregg, Senior IT Consultant at Extech Cloud, discussed some of the HR related challenges of hybrid working with Sally Bedeau from Loch Associates, and explored how businesses can create modern hybrid workplace in the Cloud. Catch the full podcast, and others, on the Extech Cloud website.

If you’re thinking of transforming your business the cloud, contact Extech Cloud for a feasibility study today.

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