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We help protect ALL your company’s devices (and the data stored) from theft, damage and unauthorised access. We help you comply and also achieve accreditations such as Cyber Essentials.

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Cybersecurity – What is it?

Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and companies across the South of England are definitely not immune.

In fact 39% of businesses in the UK identified a cyberattack in 2022 and some will be on an industrial estate or office block near you whether it’s in Burgess Hill, Worthing, central Brighton or anywhere else in the South East.

That’s why it is essential that businesses consider the entire attack surface and have a security solution that is comprehensive and flexible to plug as many gaps as possible. Our cyber security consultants can help.

Our cybersecurity service levels

All our services are secure, but most businesses want to demonstrate and prove their resilience. We can help you on your business journey as follows:


Essential business IT security from Extech Cloud

All devices are protected (browsing/emails etc.) and all stored files / databases are secure. With everything technical setup and set to automatically update, we then advise on logical, procedural, and technical controls that need to be in place. While security updates are automatic, they should be reviewed manually each year, unless using CDE. This will help get you ready for Cyber Essentials.

We take care of backups, replication and disaster recovery measures, threat protection, encryption, identity and access management, compliance and so much more to give you a rock solid and secure business IT infrastructure.

CDE (Cyber Defence by Extech Cloud) supplement

To supplement the Essential Business IT Security, our complete solution – CDE – has been developed to help businesses easily check and keep their cyber security is up to date.

CDE enables continuous monitoring of a business’s compliance level, and automatic remediation of any security threats posed across all devices. This will help get you ready for Cyber Essentials.

Supporting you through accreditation

Cyber Essentials Certified Service

Cyber Essentials

Many organisations want to test and prove their security measures. The Cyber Essentials Accreditation is a perfect way to assess an organisation’s logical, procedural, and technical controls. It’s a self assessment with many considerations spanning the whole business and every device.

Our essential business IT Security sets you on the path to meet all the criteria and we can help conduct the assessment so you can achieve certification for the Cyber Essentials standard.

The assessment is carried out just once a year.

Cyber Essentials Certified Plus Service

Cyber Essentials Plus

To go one step further, Cyber Essentials Plus is then a 3rd part assessment of your organisation’s Cyber Security by a highly trained assessor.

The aim of the assessment is to confirm that all controls that have been declared in Cyber Essentials are implemented on the organisation’s network.

Key elements include an audit to ensure devices (a sample) are configured as per the scheme, a vulnerability scan, an external port scan of internet facing IP addresses and a test on default email/internet browsers to confirm how well configured they are to prevent execution of fake malicious files. We’ll help you pass!

Standard Service

ISO 27001

We have helped many of our clients achieve ISO 27001, the standard that provides companies with guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system.

More about CDE – Centralised management for continuous protection

CDE from Extech Cloud features a vulnerability management solution which is installed on all endpoints (devices) to scan for threats and identify what needs fixing, on a daily basis.

Additionally, an application updating tool automatically patches and updates the business’s applications. Extech Cloud then fixes the vulnerabilities discovered and manages the application updating tool to ensure it is successfully updating all applications.

This new cyber security solution provides continuous protection of any organisation to a Cyber Essentials standard and prepares you for a Cyber Essentials assessment.

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Defender for Business

Did you know, we are no longer offering 3rd Party antivirus products? It’s now all part of the Microsoft 365 subscription. A recent addition to the Microsoft family of security services is Defender for Business, which is a powerful endpoint protection platform (EPP).

Defender for Business not only detects and blocks known threats, but it also has next generation protection to detect and block never before seen attack methods. This happens in real-time using machine learning of user behaviour, metadata, file classification and other novel technologies. This works in tandem with attack surface reduction to further increase a business’s cyber risk.

Defender for Business also improves asset visibility and provides breach likelihood predictions to prioritise the most critical vulnerability on each asset, with recommendations on how to mitigate the associated risk. Vulnerability management makes it possible to defend against all known threats.

Whilst the security features included in a Microsoft 365 subscription are incredibly powerful, they require expertise to set up correctly and to use them to the best of their ability. The team at Extech Cloud are fully trained experts with the experience to implement and manage your security posture.

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