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We can take care of all your telephony and VOIP phone service needs (even through Microsoft Teams) and give you one of the fastest and most reliable business broadbands in the South East.

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Fast business broadband built for the cloud

Enjoy a fast connection and keep connected with reliable fibre business broadband built for the cloud.

We know this is a critical business function that underpins everything you do, so it’s our goal to keep your facilities running smoothly. We work closely with specialist network providers to ensure the connectivity links that your business relies on are high performing, cost effective and professionally supported.

VoIP / cloud-based phone system for your business

A cloud-based phone system (VoIP) makes sense when you have a reliable, high-speed internet service. But did you know that we can implement a business phone system through Microsoft Teams? That means we can help you channel all your communications through one platform, for efficiency and simplicity.

So what is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), also now often referred to a cloud-based phone system, is a telephone system that runs entirely online, in the cloud. The main benefits of this are that it removes the need to invest in expensive telephone handsets, it’s easy to manage centrally, and your team can make and receive calls anywhere, facilitating hybrid and remote working. It is also more cost effective than many business telephone phone plans.

Microsoft Teams Voice.

Teams Voice is a telephone system (VOIP) that runs through Microsoft Teams. It offers the same functionality as traditional telephony, allowing you to make calls directly to land lines and mobiles, using Microsoft Teams on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You can also buy physical handsets to make calls from, if preferred. One of the main benefits of using Teams Voice is that it removes the need to invest in additional hardware.

What’s right for you?

Extech Cloud can support most VOIP systems but consider Teams Voice one of the strongest platforms. Cloud-based phone systems don’t just dial and receive phone calls. Features include voicemail, call recording, caller ID, call waiting, team calling, video call monitor, device switching, distinctive ringing, Do Not Disturb and Blocking, voicemail transcribed to email and so much more. Extech Cloud can help implement a total solution to suit all business requirements.

Working for businesses across London and the South of England

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3 Reasons to switch to a cloud phone system

Reduce business costs.

When you implement an online phone system for your business, there is no need to invest in expensive telephone hardware. No handsets are required as you can just use any of your devices – laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Additionally, the call rates tend to be cheaper than when paying phone bills for traditional business telephone systems.

Make and Receive calls anywhere.

For many businesses, having somebody present in the office to answer calls is one of the obstacles of hybrid and remote working. An online telephone system removes that obstacle. It is easy to use and you can even switch between devices during a call, so if you make a call in the office from your laptop, you can switch it over to your mobile phone if you need to dash out, without ending the call. An online phone system gives your business added flexibility.

Reliable business phone system

We understand how important it is to be able to receive calls from your customers, as well as to make calls. With fast broadband, a secure cloud-based phone system for your business gives you reliability and additional functionality that you might not get from a traditional business phone system.

You will also have continued support, including disaster recovery and business continuity, from the Extech Cloud help desk, as needed.

Online phone systems for Sussex businesses

We provide business IT and communication solutions, including online phone systems, to businesses across the southeast, in burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Crawley, Guildford, Brighton, and more.

If you’re considering moving to cloud-based telephony for your business in the southeast, get in touch.

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