Will your route out of lockdown for your Business be smooth or lead you down a rocky cul de sac?

Businesses IT and the route out of lockdown

Now that Boris has announced the route out of lockdown, what does that mean for your IT plans? With your confidence building in future business conditions, your uncertainty may now be shifting towards what you are doing with your IT. Extech Cloud is on hand to help.


Questions around IT processes don’t often arise until something isn’t working, something needs a costly upgrade, or something is changing. For example, we saw an increasing number of new enquiries following the announcement of the first lockdown in 2020, when everyone quickly moved to working remotely. That has continued; however, we are now expecting a lot more enquiries as businesses return to the office and expect their team to operate remotely for several days a week.

Are my IT systems in good shape?

Why fix something if it’s not broken? Quite simply, if you always do what you’ve always done before, you’re only going to get the same results. Nothing is going to change if your IT systems and processes don’t change too. So if you limped through lockdown, now is the time to change.

At Extech Cloud, we’ve seen time and time again a business’ IT systems becoming ‘locked down’ due to the reluctance to change current practices. Whether it stems from an IT Manager or an outsourced team, it results in the same issue a team that are disengaged with IT and disheartened by decisions being made.

And when everyone returns to the office (even for just a few days per week), you don’t want a culture of staff blaming a poor IT infrastructure and losing precious time.

Confused by the cloud?

Having the right systems in place ensures that day to day routines can continue without any spanners being thrown into the works. What’s more, although it might seem like a move to the cloud is a big change, it results in a lot more than ‘just’ the ability to access any applications quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. It’s a way to future-proof the business and ensure that you’re competing within your sector, otherwise what’s the point?

For example, you wouldn’t enter a marathon without your running shoes, would you? So why be in the race when you’re at less than your best?

Can Extech Cloud help me?

How can we help? At Extech Cloud, we always leave the door open. No query is too small! If you have a question about the cloud, an issue that you don’t understand or simply want an informal conversation about systems and to hear our suggestions, we’re always available for a fully confidential chat.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 01444 443200 or email info@extech.co.uk.

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