Case Studies.

RPD cloud case story

Accounting Services

Richard Place Dobson

“The new system works like a dream…” There are now 16 pieces of legacy software running on the cloud.

Read how Extech Cloud transformed Richard Place Dobson

Petroplan cloud case story

Global Recruitment Organisation

Creating a modern workplace for a specialist recruitment business

Our digital transformation with Extech Cloud has significantly reduced costs and given us a robust global IT infrastructure we can rely on.

Read how Extech Cloud transformed Petroplan

Insurance and Financial Services

Wingate Financial Planning

“We moved all our staff seamlessly from working in the office to their homes with no management support necessary and MS Teams has become our new best friend!”

Read how Extech Cloud transformed the Wingate Group

Legal Services

“We have found Extech Cloud to be the source of reliable advice with good systems for dealing with upgrades, maintenance and emergencies.”

Read how Extech Cloud transformed Kagan Moss

Extech Cloud have a host of clients and success stories. Here are a selected few which are special to us which we would like to share with the world. Each case study provides a top-level overview of the work completed with the client. We can provide a more detailed description upon request.

In each case, we work closely with management teams to implement strategic IT solutions which are aligned with the company’s overarching strategy.