Cybersecurity and Compliance.

Extech Cloud fosters close industry links to authoritative cybersecurity and compliance organisations to ensure it understands the trends and developments in an ever-changing security threat and compliance landscape. This ensures we are best placed to assist our customers in ensuring their IT Security and compliance measures are up to date and effective. We continually research best-in-breed security products to ensure your systems and data are appropriately protected. Our unique approach ensures you get the solutions you need to protect your busines.

Microsoft Cloud Gold

Rock-solid Cybersecurity through Microsoft Cloud.

Not only does the Microsoft cloud offer better cybersecurity, but also provides increased visibility and accessibility for your teams, inside and out of the office.

Specific data prevention policies, such as SRA or FCA, help your business comply with GDPR, PCI, or industry-specific regulations.

The Microsoft Cloud allows you to monitor and report on your organisation’s activities to ensure that your data is secure and compliant.

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We’ve Developed And Delivered Our Own Secure Hosted And Cloud Infrastructures.

Extech Cloud has a heritage of delivering secure cloud services for 7 years (even before Microsoft), with two generations of cloud solutions that sit in our data centres. Our cloud technology was developed for hosted exchange platforms, even before Office 365 was widely available. This history of developing our own Sussex-based cloud systems means we truly understand cloud security, which allows us to deliver cutting-edge services to our clients.

Cloud Computing

Business Continuity.

Extech Cloud deploys advice and solutions that ensure business continuity in the event of a breach with our award-winning IT support services. We ensure rapid recovery of critical IT systems, applications and data and use cloud technology to reduce the burden of managing complex traditional backup processes to ensure peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

Extech Cloud’s Carefully Selected Cybersecurity Suppliers.

Extech Cloud maintains close links with specialist security organisations, including London Digital Security Centre, Microsoft, the Institute of Information Security Professionals (ISSP) and the National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ), as well as other private cybersecurity firms. This allows Extech Cloud to advise and service clients with the latest and best-in-class security services and practices, while delivering true digital transformation services.


Protect Your Brand.

One of the biggest risks of a cybersecurity breach is the reputational damage that can result. Extech Cloud ensures you have the products, procedures and training to minimise the risk of a breach whilst also demonstrating to your customers and suppliers that you take all reasonable measures and have the tools and processes in place to manage a breach and minimise any potential exposure.

Regulations, Compliance and Accreditations.

We offer a range of cybersecurity products and services to ensure your business meets required industry compliance and regulations. Not only can our services help ensure you meet ISO27001 and GDPR, but we can assess and provide certification for the Cyber Essentials standard on behalf of the National Cyber Security Centre (Government standard developed by GCHQ). We can also deliver penetration and ethical hacking services to clients where more rigorous testing is required

Cybersecurity badge

Our Cybersecurity and Compliance Bundle.

ISO27001 and GDPR IT consultation to ensure compliance, as well as Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

Take back control with comprehensive network security policy management. Configure complex security deployments and ensure consistent policy enforcement across your network.

Proactive and systematic stress-testing of your network, servers, devices, data and other points of exposure to evaluate and report any existing system vulnerabilities, from application flaws to dangerous end-user activity.

Our Network infrastructure designs and solutions for our customers build security in by design using best-in-breed network and security products tried and tested across a range of clients.

We offer bespoke dedicated, flexible and reliable communications. Privately connected WAN solutions enhance security and increase productivity, so you can seamlessly and consistently share data and resources instantly between sites with confidence.

Extech can advise on the latest security and compliance requirements and show you how to use the latest tools within Office 365 and Azure to report and manage compliance and data security to the required standards.

Save time by effectively automating OS and third-party application patching. Our proven patch management software keeps your systems up-to-date with the latest software updates. Coined with our recommended anti-virus products and secure your sensitive data with encryption solutions ensure that no matter where your data is stored, it’s protected.

Define a mobile management strategy that fits the needs of your organisation. Apply flexible mobile device and app management controls that let employees work with the devices and apps they choose while protecting your company information.

Policies, infrastructure and people process technology to allow your organisation to comply with ISO27001 and GDPR.

Azure Hybrid and Cloud Only Infrastructures, Microsoft 365 Deployment and Migration Services, network infrastructure and security services, such as Advanced Threat Protection, Enterprise Mobility + Security and Open DNS.

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