Don’t be blind when it comes to making legal IT decisions!

Firms who are desperate to adopt new technologies but are put off

We’ve heard time and time again of firms who are desperate to adopt new technologies but are put off by a handful of anxieties. Whether you’ve tried to buy “silver bullets” in the past or have already made an investment in technology that didn’t pay off in the long run, the team at Extech Cloud can step in to ensure you and your business is in safe hands.

You might have been told by your IT or MSP provider that a hybrid solution is the perfect solution for your business. Or maybe you were informed that the private cloud is the way to go? Wrong!

At Extech Cloud, we pride ourselves on being innovative and thinking outside the box to ensure your business’ IT thrives. As much as the legal industry is ahead in some areas, when it comes to IT, it’s often still in the dark ages due to consultants and previous IT companies pulling the wool over the industry’s eyes and opting for what’s easier, instead of what would be best.

From what we’ve seen in the past, legal IT consultants tend to sell what they know and this is usually somewhat ancient platforms that have a new shiny badge. The private cloud or a hybrid isn’t the way to go! Your data doesn’t have to be locked in as there are so many modern solutions that come with a host of fantastic benefits.

For example, if you are purely in the Microsoft cloud (100%), you are free to move to different IT providers as the data is hosted with Microsoft. It is because of this freedom that IT firms don’t want you to move away from their locked-in Data Centres.

What’s more, the cloud offers better cybersecurity than your own on-prem server would, particularly for regulated businesses that require standards for data compliance and information security. In the cloud you say goodbye to constant server management and security patches, you just get on with your own business.

However, to take full advantage of all these benefits, know how to make savings while optimising security in the cloud requires experience.

Extech Cloud is a Microsoft Gold partner working primarily for businesses in the South of England with the experience to put almost any legal business 100% in the Microsoft Cloud. This even means putting applications or software into a cloud environment thanks to our pioneering use of Microsoft WVD.

With hundreds of complex digital transformations under our belt, our cutting-edge IT services mean there are now no compelling reasons why companies, particularly law firms, need to have on-premise servers.

For more information, call a friendly member of the Extech Cloud team to get the facts about the cloud on +44 (0) 1444 443200, email or visit

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