Moving to the Cloud Basics: why and how we help businesses make the move


At Extech Cloud, we’ve spent years working on and refining the journey to the cloud. To date, we’ve successfully completed over 100 cloud transformation projects!

When it comes to transforming your team’s way of working by moving operations to the cloud (instead of using an expensive server), one size doesn’t fit all. So if you want your business to grow faster, be modern and efficient and attract and retain the best staff then read on. Andrew Hookway, Managing Director of Extech Cloud, explains.

Before making any big decisions our dedicated team of experts at Extech Cloud, spend time understanding your operations inside and out. We need to know exactly what makes your working environment tick on a day-to-day basis and the best way forward.

We understand that SMEs can’t always afford to be making investments, especially at the moment, and it can be tempting to delay making any changes for as long as possible. However, now is the perfect time for businesses to decide on the most optimal way to overcome any remote working issues and be better prepared for whatever happens next.

What’s more, businesses are now not limited by their existing applications and old legacy software. We can now put any application or software into the Microsoft cloud environment. This is great for the professional services sector in the South that operate multiple applications and want to reduce their costs, improve their income and move everything away from Data Centres.

Other great benefits are your business grows faster, you are more efficient, more modern and you can attract and retain great quality staff more easily.

The Extech Cloud Methodology

Every business is different and requires a unique set of measures to help deliver management objectives. The tried and tested Extech Cloud Methodology allows us to create a long-term design that dives deep into the unique requirements of your business and wraps a service around your business goals.

Our internal real-life comparisons show that over a three-year period, our cloud solutions provide between 20% and 50% better value than the typical solutions provided by more traditional approaches.

Not only does Extech Cloud’s approach provide better value, it is also more flexible, scalable and mobile, as well as safer than other methods.

A smooth transition to a new way of working

Once your operations are in the cloud, our team of experts at Extech Cloud are on-hand to provide thorough support and answer any questions you might have. We empower customers with a new skillset and enhanced knowledge to enable them to better understand their systems with the help of Microsoft Cloud Academy.

Whether you’re a professional, novice or simply looking to expand your skill set, you’ll find the support that you’re looking for! Plus, you can easily arrange the resources into a learning and training programme for the rest of your team’s personal development, so they can follow at a time that suits them.

Speak to us about transforming your way of working

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