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Cloud Methodology

Moving your IT infrastructure into the Cloud is a significant business commitment. It requires informed decision-making and significant planning in order to maximise the opportunity and meet your future business needs. Based on many years of Cloud experience and more than 100 successfully implemented Cloud transitions, Extech Cloud has developed a Feasibility Study to help you make the right decisions.

What are your IT Infrastructure Choices?

Whilst Cloud transitions can provide a host of benefits, flexibility, and access to services, it is essential that you make the right decision on how to go ahead in order to maximise the opportunity. Since the advent of Cloud services there are far more choices available for your IT infrastructure today. Businesses first have to choose which type of cloud service to use – Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and then which delivery path best suits their needs – Hybrid, Native Cloud, or a blend of the two?

What is the Extech Cloud Feasibility Study?

The Extech Cloud Feasibility Study is similar to engaging an architect to design your house. It is a funded research project, that typically takes 2-3 days, and is used to determine how existing IT systems and services are being used in your business, and to work with you to identify any upcoming additional requirements. The process is designed to help us to get to know your business and fully understand your needs. We want to get to know every system and everybody, including board members, where appropriate. The better we understand your business, the better the outcome will be.

What will come out of the Extech Cloud Feasibility Study?

On completion of the Feasibility Study, Extech Cloud will produce a proposal that includes the following:

  • A technical solution
  • An assessment of the vendor/s impact
  • A plan and approach with an indicative timeline
  • Cloud Products and Services with their ongoing fees
  • The One-off Project costs for delivery

The specialist team at Extech Cloud will review the proposal detail with you and explain the reasons behind the selection of cloud computing solutions proposed.

With our detailed engagement covered through the Feasibility Study, combined with our experience completing more than 100 cloud transitions, businesses can be confident that their transition to the Cloud will be efficient, smooth, supportive, and delivered on time.

If you’re thinking about transitioning your business to the cloud and you need some support, talk to an Extech Cloud specialist to begin the initial Feasibility Study and transform your business for the better. You can talk to us on 01444 443200, email us on or fill out our contact form for a call back.

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