Extech Cloud Introduces Microsoft Teams Business Voice to clients

Extech Cloud Introduces Microsoft Teams Business Voice to clients

Extech Cloud is offering clients a new secure cloud-based telephone solution that integrates into Microsoft Teams, thanks to Office 365. Here’s how.

You are now able to make standard phone calls through Microsoft Teams and add a new level of flexibility to online meetings with dial-in options.


Microsoft 365 Business Voice simplifies your business communications by bringing together calls, chats and meetings within the Microsoft Teams interface. You’ll have the ability to take collaboration to the next level by using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint within all calls and meetings. What’s more, your contacts and calendar will be connected across both Teams and Outlook.

Now that the majority of people are working from home, some are experiencing complications and difficulties with their phone systems, says Andrew Hookway, Managing Director of Extech Cloud, a Sussex based Microsoft Partner. If Microsoft Teams has become a good friend over the last few months, it will become your BFF.

How Microsoft 365 Business Voice will benefit your business

At a time when people can be difficult to get hold of, you can easily stay connected to your team and clients. Working from the garden or unable to access your work phone? That’s not a problem with the use of a single phone number across not only your computer, but your mobile and desk phone too.

Keep your business up and running during challenging times

This enterprise-grade phone system allows you to keep your business running smoothly and securely at all times.

By using a single provider, such as Microsoft 365 (with Business Voice), for all of your business communications, you’ll find that you save not only money but time too!

For a small monthly fee for each phone number, you can manage your whole phone system from the Office 365 admin console, adding phone numbers in minutes, or we can look after it all for you.

Interested in moving your phone systems to Extech Cloud?

Speak to the experts at Extech Cloud today for a demonstration and to talk about upgrading your Microsoft 365 plan to include a Business Voice package.

Call 01444 443200 or email info@extech.co.uk.

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