How Extech Cloud helps create a modern workplace for accounting firms


Extech Cloud began working with Brainwaves in 2014, initially providing support to the team that were using on-premise servers. At the time, no cloud infrastructure was in place.

To support business plans, optimise efficiency and make IT a monthly operating cost, Brainwaves decided to move its IT operation into the cloud.

Whilst the request was a move to the cloud Brainwaves were unaware of the options available. Traditional hybrid cloud solutions using a private data centre or Pure Cloud with Windows Virtual Desktop capability. After an in depth review with Extech Cloud of their current and future business needs they choose the latter more innovative solution. This was more efficient, and more modern which enables them to grow faster and attract and retain higher performing staff when compared to the traditional cloud solutions.

Simple and smooth cloud transition

Extech Cloud worked alongside the team at Brainwaves to ensure a simple and smooth migration of various hosted accounts applications, including multiple versions of Sage, to a platform that would run reliably over the internet.

The move allowed for the decommissioning of an ageing local server, avoiding associated capital expense. The team at Extech Cloud also worked to ensure cost-savings by scheduling when the server is running, reducing the cost by around 50%.

Following the digital transformation, the accounting firm now takes full advantage of the benefits offered by Microsoft 365, Azure and the whole Microsoft cloud environment.

Remote working made easy

In March 2020, the team at Brainwaves were all sent to work remotely due to Covid-19 lockdown. At the time, the team was delighted that their overall working experience remained the same due to all data having already been migrated to Azure and Microsoft 365. Under their previous IT model, the experience would have been very different with the ability to work efficiently from home near-on-impossible.

Extech Cloud was on-hand to provide advice and support where needed, along with local connectivity assistance. Local printing and scanning, which is critical within Brainwaves’ daily operations, was affected due to lack of ability to use the MFP (multi-function printer) in the office. The team at Extech recommended and configured individual printers and scanners to allow for normal processes to resume, as if they were in the office.

I want to say a big Thank You to you and your team for supporting Brainwaves in our move to homeworking, and on our return to office working, says Jill Sherwin, Director of Brainwaves. We couldn’t have done it without Extech Cloud and its helpdesk team.

Management of Brainwaves’ Cloud Infrastructure

Today, Extech Cloud provides operational management of the cloud infrastructure, users and endpoints, along with advice and guidance on emerging products to make Brainwaves even more efficient. Extech Cloud also provides service desk support and ensures continuous security compliance across the whole business.

If you need one-off support to get your team working from home (#WFH) more effectively, or to take your whole business operation into the Cloud, Extech Cloud can help. For more information, call a friendly member of the Extech Cloud team on +44 (0) 1444 443200 or email .

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