Is Windows 365 right for your business?

windows 365

Is Windows 365 right for your business?

Microsoft’s highly anticipated cloud PC service, Windows 365 is available now for businesses of all sizes, and many businesses are unsure where it fits into their IT services. So, what is Windows 365, and is it the right hybrid working solution for your business?

For businesses considering moving workloads to the cloud, Windows 365 may be the right solution. The introduction of Windows 365 can greatly increase security and potentially decrease overall hardware spend. For businesses that have employees working remotely or in a hybrid work arrangement and value simplicity over flexibility and control, Windows 365 will likely be a better option over Azure Virtual Desktop. This is especially true if a business has an elastic workforce or is going through a rapid period of change or expansion.

There are many benefits to running workloads on the cloud with Windows 365. One of the key benefits is that it supports the move to a hybrid workplace. As Windows 365 can run on any device with an internet connection, it means that users can have a familiar Windows experience with all their previous settings, data and applications on any device, from any location. As all security policies can be set by the administrator this also allows businesses to introduce a Bring Your Own PC (BYOC) programme that can greatly reduce hardware costs. Similarly, many businesses that have an elasti or temporary workforce can benefit from the ease of deployment and simplicity of paying for the service only for the duration of an employee’s contract.

Another key benefit of Windows 365 is the built-in security and compliance, as the cloud PCs are streamed from the Azure cloud. Over the past decade, the cybersecurity threat landscape has expanded rapidly, making securing organisational and customer data more important and complex. Windows 365 was built with security in mind and moving workloads to the cloud not only greatly increases security, but it also simplifies disaster recovery if an incident does occur.

Windows 365 promises to be the new solution for today’s hybrid workforce, providing a familiar user experience, whilst changing the way organisations view IT hardware.  If you think it may be the right IT solution for your business, and you want to be sure, contact Extech Cloud for a no-obligation feasibility study today

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