Is your business being held to ransom by your IT Manager?

Many business Leaders and Entrepreneurs are aware that they need to make their IT more efficient to grow the business. Sounds simple, yet quite often IT Managers block EVERY suggestion even when they are told that there is a better way.

So why is this happening? And how can you find more efficient ways of working while future proofing your business?

Long ago before the days of colour television or England winning the World Cup, in many businesses there was one employee who seemed to have a significant influence on the business.

This influence came from a sense of mystique around their role and the fact that they gave off the impression that their skills could not be replaced and that they were essential to the success of the business…that without them it would not be able to continue operating, says Andrew. Managers would be constantly afraid of upsetting these workplace influencers and deferred to their every request.

Not only did this affect workplace morale as other members of staff’s views were ignored, but it also negatively impacted the team’s views of their own leader. Then came the computer, and BOOM!

Along with it came easy access to processes and the ‘influencers’ grip on business culture was finally released. Leaders took back rightful control of their own destinies and all was well.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have deja  vu, says Andrew. Obstructive employees have been reincarnated in many workplaces in the form of an IT Manager, whether that is internal or external.

How can businesses overcome this problem?

Though the issue might have changed slightly, the solution is exactly the same as it’s always been, says Andrew. Don’t delay any further or bury your head in the sand, it’s time to accept that you will – more than likely – get negative feedback from your IT Manager when you’re looking to do something different. However, to break free and ensure your business is future proof, you need to take the plunge and engage with modern IT practices, not just a repeat of the old server or hybrid cloud setup that your IT Manager has insisted upon.

This cloud vs server debate has been ongoing for years. The technologies now make the cloud argument more compelling than ever. For businesses where this conundrum sounds familiar, the team of IT experts at Extech Cloud can help, with a focus on transitioning businesses to the cloud to work smarter, not harder.

It’s a completely different way of doing things, to give the workforce exactly what they need without the frustrations, says Andrew. When it comes to making long-term decisions about your IT, it can be challenging to make the jump to a new system and process especially if your IT Manager is not initially on board.

This change can be even more daunting if your business has been promised the world in the past by an IT solution…and it has not been delivered.

A move to the cloud doesn’t have to be scary, says Ian Bryant, Project Manager at Extech Cloud. Digital transformation with Extech Cloud ensures that you have the systems in place that you need when you need them. You will not be left to battle through the transition without expert help and guidance.

Providing the right solution for clients is much more important to us than profit and I’m delighted that our team can facilitate this, adds Andrew Hookway. After all, in today’s world of modern working, everyone should have access to an IT system that not only makes their business grow faster, it should also make it more efficient too leading to a flexible and happy workforce.

Often regarding IT, firms will be desperate to adopt new technologies but will be put off by a handful of anxieties. This can be that they’ve tried to buy silver bullets in the past or have already made an investment in technology that didn’t pay off in the long run. Extech Cloud is committed in helping to reassure businesses that their IT is safe in the right hands.

We’ve spoken with a handful of businesses where they’ve been told by their IT or MSP provider that a hybrid solution is the perfect solution for the business. Or they were informed that the private cloud is the way to go, says Andrew. Not only is that wrong, many IT Providers and Managers aren’t being innovative enough or thinking ahead. Businesses are being kept in the dark, whether this is because it’s easier or they don’t know what to do.

Though there may be tough conversations ahead, businesses that do not address these concerns and consider change, will likely not grow as planned.

Digital transformation is easier than you think when you come to Extech Cloud. Speak to the experts to get the facts. Contact the team on +44 (0) 1444 443200, email or visit

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