Is your IT Leader experienced enough to deliver the level of cybersecurity you need?

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Is your IT Leader experienced enough to deliver the level of cybersecurity you need?

Caption: The Extech Cloud team is highly skilled and experienced in cloud computing and cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of many business owners’ minds at the moment, in the wake of a worrying increase in cybercrime in recent years. What many managers are wondering is: Does my IT leader hold enough experience and seniority to be held fully accountable for my company’s cybersecurity?

If you ask yourself that question, and there is any doubt in your mind, the answer is probably no. Maybe you can trust in your IT Manager to take care of your day-to-day IT systems and network, but cybersecurity is not something to take lightly and requires strategy, investment and strict processes, particularly if you use on-prem servers.

Part of the complexity with cybersecurity is that cybercrime is constantly evolving. The level of security must always be a step ahead of an ever-changing issue. The 2021 vulnerabilities on the Microsoft Exchange Servers is a prime example which was to do with on-prem servers. With the right strategy, businesses don’t have to rely on one local person to ensure the security of an on-prem server or local data centre, for example.

By outsourcing and engaging the expertise of Extech Cloud, you can feel confident that your IT security and compliance measures are fully considered and will be kept up to date and effective. Why? Because our strategies make use of the public cloud in the most effective and secure ways.

For Extech Cloud customers, security is inherent to the Microsoft environment with real time protection, not delayed security patches. We also foster close industry links to authoritative cybersecurity and compliance organisations, helping us to understand and implement the latest trends and developments.

Contact an Extech Cloud specialist for help with your cybersecurity and compliance, today. We are here to ensure your systems and data are appropriately protected and can help businesses achieve CyberEssentials Plus, which is becoming an increasingly important requirement for some business partnerships.

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