Is your IT team delivering the innovation your business needs?

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Is your IT team delivering the innovation your business needs?

Caption: Are you getting the IT innovation that you really need?

You may be very happy with your IT department or the company that provides you with IT support in day-to-day operations, yet do they provide your business with innovative and forward-thinking ideas? Or are they just helping to keep the business ticking along at the same pace, taking you backwards?

Extech Cloud’s business development teams report that many business owners share the feeling that they are generally happy with their IT team for day-to-day support. However, there is a feeling that they do not bring the innovation or transformation to the operation that is needed to help the business develop and perhaps don’t have the experience or vision necessary.

The world of IT is always growing and developing, which should be helping your business to grow and develop. In order to harness the growth potential, your IT team, IT Manager or the IT support company needs to be innovative in the transformation of your IT systems and your business.

Innovation will help your team collaborate more easily, it will speed up your processes and access to files and applications, it can change your IT costs from a CAPEX to an OPEX, it ensures you only pay for what you use, it ensures you are always on the latest technology, it significantly improves your cybersecurity and GDPR, and it means you can scale quickly. And with all these benefits, your staff are more engaged, happier, more efficient and will stay with you longer.

One way to keep on top of IT developments is to outsource to a dedicated specialist that can develop the best strategy for your business ad carry out the digital transformation, moving your business into the cloud. Extech Cloud has carried out hundreds of transformations and can help you to transform your business and business processes, to stay ahead of your competitors.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, we bring leading edge technology to businesses so they can operate within the Microsoft Cloud environment with all the benefits and cost savings available. By moving away from using an on-prem server or private data centre to store files and run applications it also means you can avoid all the associated CAPEX or high subscription costs.

Contact an Extech Cloud specialist for help with your digital transformation to a Cloud IT system, today.

Concerns such as setting up with the right equipment, cabling options, or a more significant threat such as cybersecurity are inevitable when running your own business, however, the team at Extech Cloud are experts in helping the legal sector to adopt new technologies and keep ahead of competition.

Can Extech Cloud help large law firms with more complex IT infrastructure?

Although the team at Extech Cloud works with start-ups and small businesses, we have also completed digital transformations for much larger legal firms such as Hunters Law LLP. The large legal firm contacted Extech Cloud looking for a solution to upgrade its servers and overall infrastructure, when they were informed it was not possible by another IT company.

The team of experts at Extech Cloud has spent years working on, and refining, the journey to the cloud, making it a simple and smooth transition for businesses, like Hunters Law, and smaller start-up legal firms, to work effectively at anytime, anywhere. To date, the team has completed hundreds of cloud transformation projects, saving customers thousands of pounds, improving their overall performance, and making their staff happier as a result.

Contact Extech Cloud for IT Support today

We don’t just work with legal firms; we have helped companies in a range of industry sectors with Cloud IT solutions. If you’re thinking about transitioning your business to the cloud and you need some support, talk to an Extech Cloud specialist and transform your business for the better. You can call 01444 443200, email or fill out our contact form for a call back.

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