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The cloud vs server debate has been ongoing for years and it will probably continue for years to come too. Here’s why new technologies might change opinions sooner than you think.

When you first think about moving all business operations to a new IT system or network, it’s understandable that it might be somewhat overwhelming! Who wants to change something that already works? What about all the upheaval?

Although some IT Managers believe that either a hybrid setup or server is the only way to go, this tends to come down to the fact that it’s a proven method (not always the optimum solution) that’s worked in the past or it’s simply the easiest way to go forward.

What might be working well enough at the moment isn’t necessarily the best way to move forward or future-proof your business. It’s time to break free! To ensure business security and provide an IT infrastructure that helps your team achieve more, you need to engage with modern IT practices, not just a repeat of the old server or hybrid cloud setup that your IT Manager has insisted upon.

Many businesses are simply not aware of the benefits that come with transitioning to the cloud and the changes that it can make to everyday routines.

Modern technologies now make the pro-cloud argument more compelling than ever. The team of IT experts at Extech Cloud can help by transitioning businesses to the cloud to work smarter, not harder.

It sounds like a lot of distraction for a business, a move to the cloud doesn’t have to be with incremental process changes that staff can keep up with (not a big switchover!) and the benefits afterwards are amazing! Digital transformation with Extech Cloud ensures that you have the systems in place that you need when you need them, and you will not be left to battle through the transition without expert help and guidance.

Though there may be tough conversations ahead, businesses that do not address these concerns and consider change, may not have the ability to grow or flex as planned. What’s more businesses only need to pay for what they use on a monthly basis, without a server room. You can now think of IT as a business utility when it’s in the Microsoft Cloud and we take care of everything.

If you have questions about the cloud, are looking for general IT advice or want more information without feeling like you have to make a big decision, contact the team at Extech Cloud for a completely confidential non-committal chat on 01444 443200 or email

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