Legal Industry: Don’t get stuck in an IT trap!

We’ve heard time and time again from those in the legal industry that they’ve been promised the world when it comes to their IT but nothing has ever actually been delivered! Or it has, but it’s not quite what they were expecting, especially for the cost. What might seem like a great business decision today may come back to haunt you in the years to come. Find out why

As much as it might seem like the quickest and easiest option to deal with an IT consultant, we’ve found that in the long run, in some cases it isn’t. IT consultants tend to stick to what they know and, as much as this may be adequate for today, it’s not innovative enough for the future.

Innovative IT solutions for the Legal Industry

For example, we’ve been working with Hunters Law LLP – a multi-disciplinary law firm with practice areas for property, business, charity, family, and private clients.

The company needed to upgrade its infrastructure and its servers, which were more than five years old. The firm’s Citrix virtualisation software license fee renewal was also approaching which was a main driver for change.

Previously told by their IT company and software owners that it wasn’t possible to put their old apps on the cloud, Hunters Law was being pushed in to a hybrid environment where they were to be locked-in to a Data Centre. Although the company didn’t want to be tied down to one supplier, they thought they had no way out.

Sound familiar? See how we helped Hunters Law move to a modern way of working.

Help with moving your operations to the cloud

If you have a lack of confidence in new technology, don’t worry! Our team of experts can deliver solutions that REALLY work.

At Extech Cloud, we’ve spent years working on, and refining, the journey to the cloud, making it a simple and smooth transition for businesses, like Hunters Law, to work effectively at anytime, anywhere.

To date, we have successfully completed hundreds of cloud transformation projects, saving our customers thousands of pounds, improving their overall performance, and making their staff happier as a result.

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