Microsoft 365: A deep dive into the All-in-one solution

Few brands have the respect and merit that Microsoft 365 has in the modern business world. With 65% of companies worldwide already utilising it within their organisation, Microsoft’s productivity and collaboration suite is unparalleled when it comes to its popularity.

From the outside, it can be difficult to see the unique features, tools, and advantages that come with Microsoft 365. However, its popularity speaks for itself — businesses love it, and it seems as though there’s no sign of its popularity slowing down.

In this article, we’re going to do a deep dive into Microsoft 365, to show exactly why so many organisations gravitate towards it. We’ll look at the tools, features, and benefits that all come with utilising Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365: An Overview

Microsoft 365 — formerly known as Microsoft Office 365 — is a suite of applications and tools that encompasses the essentials for your workplace productivity.

Classic applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are incredibly popular worldwide and Microsoft 365 is the suite that lets you utilise them within your business. With regular upgrades, updates, and patches, Microsoft 365 makes it easier than ever to have constant access to the best Microsoft experience throughout your organisation.

Microsoft 365 also comes with a whole host of other tools that are useful for a modern business — from collaborative and communication tools such as Outlook and Teams to cybersecurity services like Defender, Microsoft 365 is a must-have all-in-one package for any business.

Plus, Microsoft 365 is fully cloud-enabled using OneDrive, meaning that you can easily take advantage of the benefits of the cloud by being able to access and share your files and work anywhere.

Key Features and Tools


The productivity tools within Microsoft 365 are the kind of tools that you’d find in any modern office:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint): These classic applications are the cornerstone of many modern businesses worldwide, and for good reason. Being the most powerful, reliable, and trusted word processor, spreadsheet tool, and slide creator there is, these tools are the gold standard for your organisation.
  • Microsoft Outlook: The premier email and calendar application, Outlook is a must-have for any organisation. This tool will let everyone within your organisation keep on track and in touch, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Microsoft OneNote: Sometimes, ideas strike you when you don’t expect them. At other times, you simply need to take notes without a notepad available. OneNote is a tool that lets you take notes and write sketches wherever you are, meaning that it’s easier than ever to keep track of ideas and information throughout your organisation.

Communication and Collaboration

Microsoft 365 has all the communication and collaboration tools that any modern business needs to thrive:

  • Microsoft Teams: From organisation-wide communication to team-based collaboration, Microsoft Teams lets you ensure that every single part of your organisation is connected. With the ability to run meetings, host calls, and message throughout your organisation, it’s never been easier to enable your organisation’s communications.
  • OneDrive: Using OneDrive, you can easily share files throughout your organisation — meaning that employees no longer need to send and wait for files when working and collaborating with teammates. Plus, OneDrive is fully integrated with other Microsoft 365 tools, meaning that you can use the cloud power that comes with it.


As well as productivity and communications, Microsoft 365 has a host of security tools to protect your organisation from a multitude of threats:

  • Microsoft Defender: Microsoft Defender is a security suite that can help you protect your organisation against threats and viruses that could be lurking around the corner.
  • Azure Active Directory: Azure Active Directory is a security tool that helps you manage system access within your organisation, meaning that you can easily control your organisation’s security as well as ensure that multi-factor authentication is used throughout your organisation.

Microsoft 365 Benefits

Microsoft 365 is a feature-packed all-in-one solution with the best tools to enable productivity, collaboration, and creativity within your organisation — but how does it actually benefit your organisation?

  • Cloud-Enabled Workflows: Microsoft 365 is completely cloud-enabled, meaning that you can work easily from anywhere and use most of the tools available within 365.
  • Mobile Applications: Mobile applications are available for most of the applications within Microsoft 365, meaning that you can work on your phone or tablet — empowering your ability to work from anywhere even more.
  • Constant Updates: Microsoft 365 provides your organisation with constant updates for all your applications, meaning that you’ll never have outdated software taking up space on your systems – and you’ll have access to the latest features with ease.
  • Reduce Capital Expenditure: Your Microsoft 365 license will be consistently priced at great value, meaning that you can move the cost of buying software from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.
  • Scaling: Microsoft 365 makes scaling your organisation far easier. Since you’re paying for a service rather than buying software outright, you can easily increase or decrease the number of licenses active within your organisation depending on the needs of your organisation.

All these benefits will help unlock your organisation’s full potential and let you take advantage of some of the best tools on the market – and all in a simple package, rather than having to find and license different software to use within your business.

Want to find out more?

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of tools that gives your organisation access to the gold standard of productivity and collaboration tools. Between classics like the former Microsoft Office suite and innovations like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 is a powerhouse that any organisation should consider.

If you’re looking to get started with Microsoft 365, contact ExTech’s team of experts today. We’ll be able to help you get started with the Microsoft 365 platform and are always on hand to ensure you have the support you need at your fingertips.

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