Microsoft’s latest suite of products generates 112% ROI in 3-year period, Forrester research shows


A new study from market research firm, Forrester, calculates the economic impact of firms who adopt Microsoft 365 Enterprise (Office 365, Windows 10 and its security solutions) with Microsoft Surface devices.

Forrester interviewed and surveyed hundreds of customers across seven countries who have adopted the latest Microsoft 365 suite and Microsoft surface devices. They found that firms saw a payback period of only 16 months and an ROI of 112% over three years. 

Microsoft 365 Enterprise includes products such as Office 365, Windows 10 and its advanced security solution, Enterprise Mobility + Security. 

Based on 1,500 users, Forrester also found that each employee using Microsoft 365 on a Surface added an addition $2,720 (NPV). 

Other findings include: 

  • Workers realised nearly five hours in weekly productivity gains on everyday tasks and business processes using Microsoft 365 on Surface, equating to more than 12% of the average workweek.
  • Enhanced teamwork capabilities using Microsoft 365 Enterprise powered Surface devices saved employees over three hours each week, equating to 8% of the average workweek.
  • Business decision making by senior leadership was accelerated by nearly 21% (enabled via real-time access and collaboration with colleagues, information, and documents, along with the teamwork efficiencies of Microsoft Surface)
  • Product development overhead costs were reduced by 11%.
  • Help desk calls for password resets were reduced by over 86%, while device and application performance related tickets were reduced by 15%.
  • Security breach remediation costs were reduced by 80% and the number of annual breaches were reduced by 50%.
  • Reduction in several third-party technology costs, devices, infrastructure, and IT support requirements.

Forrester examined the potential return on investment firms may realise by implementing Microsoft 365 Enterprise on Microsoft Surface devices, looking closely at how Microsoft Surface helps augment and compound the business benefits of Microsoft 365. The study provides a robust argument for adopting Microsoft€™s latest offerings to improve business productivity.  

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