Moving away from Citrix: The best way forward for your company


Many people are still working from various locations, whether that’s from their homes or maybe they’re back in the office for just a few days a week. This in itself can pose a problem. For instance, how do you ensure that everyone stays connected and able to work effectively? That’s where the cloud comes into play.

Cloud Computing is a solution that ensures, wherever your employees are based, they are all connected to the people and systems that are needed for them to work.

What are Citrix and remote desktops, and how do they work?

Simply put, if your firm uses remote desktop packages such as the Citrix system, it allows users to interact with legacy applications which run on the firm’s central infrastructure (network). Remote desktops enable the user’s PC to act as a window to access the servers remotely. The user’s PC does not run the software or store the data but instead operates as a device to control a more powerful system.

In essence, it becomes a computer to access another computer.

The introduction of Citrix and the remote desktop was initially good for two reasons

  • It allowed users to begin to operate within networks at distances.

Remote desktops like Citrix permitted users to access applications regardless of their location, which was important as firms started outsourcing work to more cost-effective geographies,

  • Users were able to access office software and didn’t require powerful machines to run applications; a firm just needed a powerful centralised infrastructure.

This centralised infrastructure allowed for greater control over security. It’s how most firms ran their IT and as a result now have systems based upon this idea.

However, remote desktops are now somewhat dated, and the technology has moved on significantly.

What’s more, it’s considered to be very high cost as it requires a significant investment in infrastructure, and it can be extremely slow and difficult to setup.

Moving away from remote desktops: Accessibility from anywhere in the world

On average, over 80% of IT decision-makers worldwide are either considering or have already migrated their workspaces to the cloud in response to recent trends.

We live in a world where the concept of digital workspaces is taking over. When moving over from remote desktop packages to the Cloud, it would work just like any other system, on two levels. The front-end where your employees can access items such as services, files, applications, and the desktop safely and the back end where your IT department can oversee and manage everything.

Once this has been implemented, there is no need to go back and forth between the office and home or any other location. Everything they need is accessible at their fingertips, when and where they need it. The obvious advantage of this is that it makes working much easier, productive, and more efficient, saving you a lot of time and even money.

You have your workplace with you everywhere you go and if you shut down your laptop at home and go to a co-working space, for instance, you can start where you left off and nothing gets disrupted.

We can help you migrate your existing system to the cloud

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