Myth busting what IT firms say about the cloud

Cloud Myth Busting

Are you being told by your IT firm that there are downsides of the public cloud to be wary of? Andrew Hookway dispels the myths and present the facts.

Myth 1: Businesses pay for cloud capacity that they aren’t using, making it hard to budget, and it is expensive.

Andrew Hookway (AH): After the initial cloud migration, known as digital transformation, you then just pay monthly depending on what you use and the number of users. So, if your workforce reduces, so do your IT costs. Microsoft Azure gives the freedom to manage and deploy applications on a secure global cloud network and has flexible pay-for-what-you-use pricing options. Budgeting is therefore really easy and accurate according to your business size and needs. And of course, there are never any capital costs for on-premise servers or all the hidden costs and locked-in licences.

Myth 2: Public cloud is a shared platform that is vulnerable to security threats.

AH: The cloud offers better cybersecurity than your own on-prem server would, particularly for regulated businesses that require standards for data compliance and information security. In the cloud you say goodbye to constant server management and security patches, you just get on with your own business.

Myth 3: You are handing over control to a third party by putting data in the cloud.

AH: In the public cloud, you are free to move to different IT providers as the data is hosted with Microsoft. It is because of this freedom that IT firms don’t want you to move away from their locked-in Data Centres.

Myth 4: Some of your old legacy software can’t be transferred to the cloud.

AH: Extech Cloud has the experience to put almost any application or software into a cloud environment thanks to our pioneering use of Microsoft WVD. This is cutting-edge digital transformation meaning there are now no compelling reasons why companies need to have on-premise servers.

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