Windows 365 will change your world again- Extech Cloud explores how it affects your business

Windows 365

Windows 365 will change your world again– Extech Cloud explores how it affects your business

Whether another work from home order is on the horizon or not, many businesses are still looking for a reliable and secure IT System to support workers in the office and at home. Andrew Hookway, Director of Sussex based Extech Cloud, shares three ways Windows 365 benefits hybrid working.  

Around the world and across every industry sector, we have had to adapt to new ways of working. It seems hybrid working is here to stay and the challenge for many businesses is ensuring that their IT Systems can support their day-to-day operations, enabling collaborative working, and appropriate levels of security.  

The timely release of Windows 365 (not to be confused with the Microsoft 365 or Office 365) earlier this year is what most Sussex and southern based businesses should now be looking for. Here are just three of the ways it can help a business.  

  1. What is Windows 365 and what does it do?It helps to facilitate efficient and secure hybrid working.

Windows 365 is Microsoft€™s complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, that streams a personalised Windows experience, including apps, content, and settings, to any device. Windows 365 is built for remote and hybrid working, enabling the user €˜anywhere access€™ to their personalised Windows desktop, or Cloud PC, across multiple devices.  

This means that a worker could begin a task on their office PC, continue it on an Android tablet, and finish on a home Mac computer. They can pick up where they left off on any device, for seamless hybrid working no matter what size and type of file the user is working on. 

Operating in the Cloud also offers the benefits of workers being able to collaborate in real time with colleagues and clients, and it comes with Microsoft’s security Defender software built-in. Everybody can be secure in the knowledge that Cloud IT Systems tend to rely on more robust cybersecurity measures, continually developing to keep a step ahead of ever-evolving cybercrime methods.  

  1. What is the return on Windows 365? It enables significantly reduced hardware costs.  

With Windows 365, the entire IT System is hosted in the Cloud, resulting in little to no cost outlay when it comes to hardware. You don€™t need a server and the associated cabling, for instance, which can be very costly. With the incorporation of voice calling as well, it means there is no need to purchase expensive telephone systems either. 

Another benefit of having everything stored in the Cloud is that the hardware that does need to be purchased (computers or tablets for example), can have a far lower spec than previously, as the amount of memory and power required will be minimal. The user simply needs the device to connect to WiFi, and everything they need to work on is stored and accessed on the Cloud. 

  1. What value and experience canWindows 365 bring to your business? It easily accommodates change. 

Businesses can go through changes rapidly and a tricky IT System should not be a reason to hold up developments in the organisation. Whether it is expanding or streamlining, the pay per user, per month cost model makes it easy to accommodate more or fewer workers at any point in time, allowing business owners to scale confidently. 

It is also useful to be able to quickly recover in the event that any damage is caused to a machine (which is arguably more likely in a hybrid work situation). As well as purchasing low-cost models, if they need to be replaced, Windows 365 gives you the power to buy, provision, and deploy in minutes, with automated OS updates, so the worker can pick up where they left off immediately. 


If you€™re thinking about making the transition to Windows 365, talk to Extech Cloud today. Extech Cloud is an award-winning IT services specialist, supporting businesses in Sussex and the South East in the transformation of their IT Systems to the Cloud. A team of strategic IT consultants, project managers and certified engineers provides day to day support to small and medium-sized businesses. Visit 

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