A Lesson Learned in the Cloud

IT Security through cloud computing

When hackers, believed to be state funded, recently used a security flaw within the Exchange server to target some of the top US firms and download all of their emails, they placed a bug in Microsoft’s server software as a highly sophisticated (and successful) attempt at cyber hacking.

Concerned about the security of your business operations? Here’s how a move to the cloud can help to ensure you’re not vulnerable to a costly attack.


The worst is yet to come, protect your livelihood with the cloud

As bad as it is now, I think it’s about to get a lot worse,” says Volexity’s president, a company that was recently hacked.

This is just one of many successful attempts that cyber hackers have accomplished in just a one week period. In the UK alone, a small business is successfully hacked every 19 seconds. So, what is the solution? Make sure you’re not one of them with help from cloud computing experts, Extech Cloud.

One Good Solution to Avoid Being Hacked

There are typically four types of cyber-attacks, namely:

  • Brute-force attacks
  • Phishing and Spear Phishing
  • Credential Stuffing
  • Malware Attacks

Any of these can be avoided with the right software and methodologies. One of which is the Extech Cloud methodology of cloud computing and cyber computing.

How the Cloud Can Help?

Cloud computing not only improves IT security, it also allows security operations to respond to threats at a much faster speed and help troubleshoot any issues efficiently.

The dominant players in the cloud computing space such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft are amongst the most secure in the world because of this technology.

Reduce costs through cloud computing

Instead of investing and reinvesting in information systems for security, cloud computing from the likes of Extech Cloud involves having the right systems in place to ensure daily routines are not disrupted.

Storing your data in the cloud makes it less risky when it comes to cyber attacks and provides a good back-up option for all of yours and your client’s data in the case of an unexpected incident or accidental deletion of data, giving you peace of mind where it matters most.

Our solutions? Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. Our Microsoft hosted cloud solutions are 100% carbon neutral.

Can Extech Cloud help me?

At Extech Cloud, we always leave the door open. No query is too small! If you have a question about the cloud, an issue that you don’t understand or simply want an informal conversation about systems and to hear our suggestions, we’re always available for a fully confidential chat.

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team on 01444 443200 or email info@extech.co.uk.

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