How to stop IT Systems from holding back your business and annoying your staff

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How to stop IT Systems from holding back your business and annoying your staff

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IT systems are at the heart of most businesses today and if the IT is still from the last decade then it’s likely your business will start to miss out. After all, the technology has progressed so far in the last few years that it really can help to drive your business forward.

Our research suggests that there are many businesses and business owners that feel they are being held back by IT systems that are either outdated or simply don’t meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Problems will manifest themselves in many ways such as slow and inefficient processes, errors or difficulties accessing data from an on-prem server when staff are working from home.

Then there are bigger issues which are a bi-product of day-to-day problems such as frustrated and disengaged staff who may eventually then look elsewhere for work and then leave. We all know the costs of losing good people especially during 2021 as the world starts to open up.

If this sounds familiar to your business, perhaps it is time to ditch your old IT ways and get switched onto a digital transformation. However, this is not about throwing money at new technology and just buying new hardware, it is about creating the right strategy first and considering how the business will benefit in the most effective way in a cloud environment.

By moving your business’s working practices to the cloud and going paperless, through digital transformation, you enable remote, flexible, and easy collaboration for your business. It can also help to reduce capital expenditure and the need to own IT server hardware.

The process used by Extech Cloud is designed to align your IT system with your business needs. We can provide you with a fit-for-purpose IT strategy, designed to work in tune with the strategic and cybersecurity needs of your business.

Do you want to fully outsource your IT for end-to-end management, or are you looking to co-source services to complement your in-house expertise? Whatever your needs, the solution must challenge and enhance your business performance.

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